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Community In A Box

As our countries evolve on the journey to self-sustainability, Lifesavers Ambassadors International USA (LSAI-USA) Community In A Box (CIB) has chosen to enhance that development.


Through the vision originally initiated on June 3rd 2018 by the Manifesting Global Solutions Group, we are adding momentum to this offering.


Manifesting Global Solutions Group work collaboratively in order to compound results. As a team of affiliates, we offer solutions for organic in-country groups to pick and choose the desirable options as per their stage of development.



Our packages include educational development, health, mental acuity, environment, employment, housing, entertainment, and community infrastructure. Each component is available as a stand-alone module. Each module has a training and development componentry.  

Collaborative Programs

  • Charter Cities

    • Charter Cities introduced NXT50 Cities Coalition in a soft-launched in April 2022 at both MIT Sloan’s Africa Innovate Conference and at the African Venture Capital Association (AVCA) conference in Dakar, Senegal. The coalition is now fully up and running, and currently has 15 coalition members, with many more in the pipeline. Through the coalition, CCI is convening all the essential stakeholders required for both the implementation of charter cities legislation and for getting thriving new cities financed and built—this includes organizations from the public sector, the private sector, DFIs, and civil society, among others. All are welcome! 

  • Global Cities

    • Global Cities, Inc., a Program of Bloomberg Philanthropies, is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting cities around the world. We develop global competence among the next generation through our Global Scholars digital exchange program, which in 2021-22 is connecting more than 13,600 students in 49 cities.


  1. An aspiring community, led by grassroots advocates needs to request resources.

  2. An initial meeting will discuss actual needs based on existing conditions.

  3. The referral to the needed module group will begin the planning and action cycles.


Please let us know your interest in being part of LSAI-USA CIB as an affiliate, or as a participating community. Contact with the subject line “Community In A Box”.

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Let’s Work Together

COLLABORATORS & COUNTRY LEADERS Reach out directly to Ambassador Jacque Zoccoli

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