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A Free Tablet For Every Child

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A Free Tablet
For Every Child 

Lifesavers Ambassadors International a non profit serving to empower growth and sustainability of girls  women and communities globally.

Our USA Program helps the entire family and community.


A Free Tablet For Every Child Project encompasses all youth and will globally impact annually the education of over 250K+ children and their families.

Contact Ambassador Jacque Zoccoli if you need assistance with registering your group or organization, or to become an Affiliate.


Click here to Register & Apply.


The program initial Phase 1 rolled out in August  2023 in the United States, U.S. Indigenous Nations, U.S. Territories and U.S. Island Nations.

Phases 2-3 roll out in August 2025 in South Africa, Ghana, DRC, Kenya, Australia, Pakistan, India, Cameroon, Sierra Leone,   Philippines and Zambia 

Free Tablet App
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Scan QR Code to Download Registration & Application APP

Our 3 phase – 3-year strategy will reach urban and rural communities as it expands and will seek to add additional countries.

Contact us on the form below if you are interested in being a Collaborator or would like your Country to be a participant.


This humanitarian project is headed by Ambassador Jacque Zoccoli and is funded to transform education, strengthen the UN SDGs and leave a legacy for all mankind!

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Let’s Work Together

COLLABORATORS & COUNTRY LEADERS Reach out directly to Ambassador Jacque Zoccoli

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